Best Life for Android
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“Have you ever wondered how a few simple tricks could make your daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable?”

For me when I find out that my boots are missing it’s bottom, I just use super glue to glue them together for training in the afternoon and then get it sewn later….

Here are some of the simple tricks that can make your life so much easier…… But remember, not every life hack will work for everyone, so it’s good to experiment and try and see what works best for your specific needs and preferences.

  1. Use a Clothespin to Hold a Nail: Avoid hitting your fingers with a hammer by holding a nail in place with a clothespin. This provides a stable grip and keeps your fingers safe.
  2. Freeze Grapes for Chilled Wine: Instead of using ice cubes that can dilute your wine, freeze grapes and use them as natural, non-diluting ice cubes.
  3. Binder Clips as Cable Organizers: Use binder clips attached to the edge of a desk to keep your charging cables organized and prevent them from falling behind the furniture.
  4. Rubber Band on Paint Cans: Place a rubber band vertically around a paint can to wipe excess paint off your brush, preventing drips down the side of the can.
  5. Lemon to Clean a Chopping Board: Sprinkle salt on a cutting board, then scrub with half a lemon. It helps clean and deodorize the board naturally.
  6. Use a Dustpan to Fill a Container with Water: When filling a container that doesn’t fit in the sink, use a clean dustpan to direct the water flow into the container.
  7. Binder Clip as a Key Holder: Attach a binder clip to the edge of your pocket and clip your keys to it to prevent them from jingling.
  8. Place a Towel in a Sweaty Shoe: Absorb moisture and eliminate odors by placing a dry hand towel inside sweaty shoes overnight.
  9. Turn a Hanger into a Chip Clip: Use a hanger with clips to keep bags of chips or other snacks closed and fresh.
  10. Use a Post-It Note to Catch Drilling Dust: Fold a Post-It Note in half and stick it below the spot you’re drilling. It will catch the falling dust and keep your workspace cleaner.
  11. Store Bed Sheets in Pillowcases: Keep your linen closet organized by storing bed sheets inside the matching pillowcases.
  12. Rubber Band for Stripped Screw Removal: Place a rubber band over a stripped screw before attempting to unscrew it. The added friction can help grip and turn the screw.

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