Found! Cookie Monster's Famous Cookie Dough Recipe

Did you know that Cookie Monster’s cookies are, in fact real, although the recipe doesn’t sound all that appetizing? Because this is the type of information that you NEED TO KNOW, and because it’s the info that you count on us for…a “Sesame Street” staffer has spilt the baked goods on how the cookies are made that the ‘Cookie Monster’ scarfs down on the show.

This info was shared by Puppet wrangler Lara McLean. McLean, who started working for the show as an intern in 1992, bakes the cookies for the show at home.

Cookie Monster on Philosophy and the 'Perfect Cookie'

Ingredients include Pancake mix, puffed rice, grape nuts, instant coffee and water, flattened into cookie shape. The chocolate chips are dots of coloured hot glue. She says this mixture results in a crispy, crackling, flat ‘cookie’, which is “kind of like a dog treat.”

Cookie Monster Gif - IceGif

A typical episode requires about 2 dozen cookies. Ideally, the script calls for crumbs to fly all over the place, and when that happens, it’s best to be careful of the “shrapnel” that comes when the Cookie Monster is doing what he does best. After all, if he munched a cookie and it only broke into 2 pieces, that just wouldn’t be funny. McLean reinvented the “crumby” recipe in the 2000s after the previous cookies just weren’t cutting it.

[Source: BS Showprep]