After another successful night, FJFW Virtual 21 has proven once again that it is not here to play!

Day 2 was yesterday and if it was anything to go by, the rest of this week looks very promising.

Last night, it was time for Hosanna Kabakoro, Tracey Farrington, and Nikhat Khan & Vedika Rathod to shine and shine they did!

We had posted earlier on our Facebook about some of our favourite looks and we’re not the only ones that are throwing in our 2 cents about the collections from last night.

Anybody who is anybody in the fashion society in Fiji had something to say about each collection and they were all good things.

Check out some of the pieces from each collection last night below:

TRACEY FARRINGTON by Tracey Farrington





NV DESIGNS by Nikhat Khan & Vedika Rathod





DUATANI by Hosanna Kabakoro





For more pics, check out the Fiji Fashion Week Facebook page.