Chair and Co-founder of WOWS Kids Fiji, Sina Kami has urged the Fiji Water Flying Fijians to walk on, walk strong as the storm won’t last long as the Fiji 15s side today announced the London to Bordeaux Cardio Challenge with an aim to contribute to supporting children with cancer through WOWS Kids Fiji.

Flying Fijians Strength and Conditioning Coach Nacanieli Cawanibuka says the idea emerged after their historic win over England last week and with this initiative, they also aim to maintain their fitness, boost their morale, engage public support and keeping the players’ physical conditions in peak as they prepare for the Rugby World Cup.

Cawanibuka says this is a great opportunity for them to recharge and refresh as well.

He says this week, they are getting into the cardio challenge where they ask all the players and staff to accumulate 30 kilometres spread across the whole week as the accumulated distance for all staff and players put together is actually the distance travelled from London to the team’s base camp in Bordeaux.

Cawanibuka says the goal is to raise funds for the WOWS Kids program here in Fiji and it is also a great opportunity to connect with the people and assist our children and their families who are battling cancer.

He says this is a great way to give back to those who love the team and those of whom they represent.

An emotional Sina Kami showed her gratitude towards the team for this initiative and said it was a nice surprise for the team at WOWS Kids Fiji.

Kami who also lost her daughter, Tae to cancer says they are currently looking after 77 children who are battling cancer and in the past 5 weeks, they have lost 6 of their children through cancer.

She says with any support and with the initiative by the Flying Fijians, it is not just for them but for the children who are battling cancer and she believes that the fight and the work has to continue.

Kami says their dream at WOWS Kids Fiji is to build a better resource centre for the children as they also look after children with cancer from around the Pacific.

Kami thanked the Chairman of Fiji Rugby, Peter Mazey and the Flying Fijians’ management for taking this initiative. An emotional Flying Fijians coach Simon Raiwalui says this is an honour and privilege for the Flying Fijians team as they are representing these kids as well.

Meanwhile, people can donate towards this cause through the M-Paisa app by selecting the business payments option, selecting more and searching for Fiji Rugby Football Union Trust Board, entering the amount and narration and confirming payment.

You can also donate through Westpac Bank transfer with the account name FRUTB-FWFF WOWS for kids fund and the account number 9508238449.

The BSB number is 039001 with the swift code WPACFJFX


Source: fijivillage