A game for the history books. Emotions ran deep in the clash between Fiji and Australia at the Rugby World Cup.

I mean we’ve met the Wallabies before, and it was always about pride as we always knew that the Aussies were always a bigger side with big world-renowned players. But this did not feel like all the other games against the Green and Golden.

Maybe it was the early morning air, perhaps it was the belief that this was our time or maybe every Fijian just knew that the boys were ON and it was a green light from the get-go. Don’t get it twisted the game was to wire as you expected and there were times when the sounds of the screams drowned the referee’s whistle making a call against Fiji.

Fiji last defeated the Wallabies in 1954 and after 69 years our boys have reset the timer with a performance which has made everyone happy.

Fiji Water Flying Fijians captain Waisea Nacayacalevu says

he is proud of the efforts shown by the boys as they created history by defeating Australia 22-15 in their second Rugby World Cup match this morning.

Nayacalevu says

what he told the boys today is that today is their final.

Don’t close your history books yet, we still have a lot more legendary matches to cheer our boys through.

Fiji is currently in second place with 6 points in their pool, whereas Wales leads with 10 points, and the Wallabies are third with 6 points.

The Flying Fijians will meet Georgia at 3.45 a.m. on the 1st of October.


Source: Fijivillage