If you’re a father in Fiji, then trust that you’re part of the luckiest group of people because we don’t have a special day for you. We have a whole month that we’ll dedicate to your existence.

Why, you ask, is this the case? Who knows? And if you’re a father, you’re probably not complaining and would rather not ask questions like that so that the celebrations can carry on.

For those of you who aren’t Fijian and have no idea what we’re talking about, Fiji usually celebrates Father’s Day on the first Sunday of the month of September with certain denominations of the Christian community celebrating it on the second Sunday while the rest celebrate it on the third Sunday.

September only has 4 Sundays which means that we have one Sunday to rest, but I don’t think that we should rest now that the month is almost over. We might as well just celebrate our dads in the whole month, but when it’s time for the mums to celebrate, let’s hope the dads return the father.