Part of being an exemplary employee is showing up on time to get the work done. However, every so often one is bound to slip up and arrive past the desired time or they just don’t arrive at all.


There’s a whole host of excuses that comes with being a truant worker. Most of us gang in Fiji have used at least one of the following, once in our careers:


1. Bus/Taxi broke down

Seeing as how the most common mean of transport for Fijians is public transport, it’s a common go-to to say that the transport had broken down therefore resulting in late arrival.


2. Sick Children

This, of course, is mostly used by parents or guardians. It’s used a lot because often times, employers won’t question the parents’ motives because it seems like a probable reason to stay home.


3. Road Accidents

Seeing as there is a common trend of road accidents and fatalities in Fiji at the moment, this excuse is normally the first thing that comes to mind when questioned “Why are you late?” On that note, please be sage on and around the roads. You could save a life or own life even.


4. Deceased Relatives

Much like using sick children as an excuse, using deceased relatives is something that does not require a background check.  It’s a quick and easy fix for whenever one simply doesn’t want to work. However, this does make things difficult for yourself in the future because your boss might actually one day meet that grandmother that you said had passed away 3 years ago.


And last but not least;

5. Woke Up Late

This has to be the most commonly used. A lot of us had used it make in our school days and some seem to have never found a better excuse. “I woke up late” “My alarm didn’t go off” etc etc. It’s thrown around so often that it has lost it’s meaning altogether.


With that being said, please make an effort to show up to time on work. If you want that raise, then these excuses are not going to cut it.