Hands down one of our generation’s music greats was in hot water with copycat claims made by Switch but Ed Sheeran has won a high-profile copyright case over his 2017 hit song “Shape of You.”

In a London High Court verdict Wednesday, a judge ruled Sheeran did not copy grime artist Sami Switch’s song “Oh Why.”

Switch, whose legal name is Sami Chokri, claimed Sheeran plagiarized a key part of the 2015 song.

In his verdict, Justice Zacaroli wrote he was satisfied Sheeran did not deliberately or subconsciously copy elements of Switch’s “Oh Why.”

Sheeran was accused of copyright infringement before.

In 2016, he was sued over his single “Photograph,” which was settled out of court, and was accused more than once over his hit “Thinking Out Loud” starting the same year.


(Source: CNN)