It’s no secret that Drix, from the Crackfast show, is super blessed (or cursed .. depends on how you see it .. or don’t see it lol) with hair all over his body. The most obvious ones are on his head and face.

This was even more evident when Tammy had posted a before and after pic of Drix from when he had close to no hair on his face with a picture of him now with almost nothing else but hair on his face.


This prompted us to start a poll on whether he should keep his beard or lose it. The people spoke and the vote was unanimous – he is officially going to lose it.

At this point, I don’t know if he’s super patient for waiting so long to grow this monstrosity/masterpiece or if he’s just really lazy and isn’t making the effort to cut it at all, but I’ve known Drix long enough to know that there is no method to his madness and questioning it will just make your head sore.



Tomorrow, the gloves aren’t the only things coming off. The beard is coming off too!

Don’t miss the FM96 SHAVE DRIX tomorrow!!