We all know the saying Dogs are man’s best friend and we’ve had countless movies about how loyal dogs are to their owners. But are dogs as LOYAL as we say?

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This is not a jab at Dogs and their lovers…or maybe it is, here is the thing a friend of mine had two pups that he had raised from birth. Loved the dogs, fed them and groomed them, let’s just say that they were pampered from birth. This is where things became weird, I mean imagine loving something so much to have them betray you.

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The great betrayal came one morning as my friend was looking for his lovely dogs, only to find them next door with a neighbour eating their food and getting all cosy with the family….the horror continues as the dogs have gotten collars from their new family. They even take walks and pass my friend like they weren’t raised by him.

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This is just noticed for Dog owners keep a watchful eye on them….they just might go parading through the YASA!! There is a reason that a certain swear word is a female dog.