Everybody is afraid of something, whether it’s something small or something big.

Some even have weird phobias like the fear of balloons or service stations or even, in this case, dogs.

I know the fear of dogs isn’t exactly anything new here in Fiji. I mean, with the number of stray dogs and pet dogs we have here, there’s bound to be one or two people who have a crippling fear of dogs.


Probably resting after a long day of running from dogs


The fear of dogs usually stems from a traumatic experience that someone went through (a dog bite, being chased by a dog, etc..).

In Tifa’s case, his fear of dogs also stems from a dog bite experience, but the difference here is that Tifa wasn’t the one getting bitten – he just witnessed the biting.


Tifa around the time he probably had the dog biting experience


In case you’re wondering, the person who was bitten is alive and well, but instead of him developing a newfound fear, his main witness took on that burden for him.

I’ve personally seen his reaction when it comes to being face-to-face with our canine friends. You’d think he’d only be scared with bigger dogs, but he also has a hard time tolerating cute little puppies.


The face he makes when he comes face to face with a dog that’s minding his own business


If you know of any way we can help Tifa get over his fear, please let us know in the comments.