Let’s play a game of Never Have I Ever, shall we?

Never have I ever dated someone who hasn’t dated anyone I know. Oh. You too? Well I guess that’s probably because WE LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT’S REPRESENTED BY A DOT ON THE WORLD MAP!!

The dating pool here has been described as small, not big enough, and any other synonym for microscopic that you know, but I like to tell myself that it’s because we Fijians are just such loving people that we’re always open for love for anyone and everyone.

That was probably the most watered-down lie I’ve ever said about the dating pool in Fiji, but hey we’ve been through it and we know the struggle of running into a friend that’s either dating your ex or has dated your current partner.

This has made most of my fellow Fijians choose the life of solitude until they’ve found THE ONE (or at least the one they think is THE ONE) which is completely fine considering the fact that others prefer to wade in the dating pool a little bit longer than most.

If you’re the open-minded type and you understand that you wouldn’t mind being with someone who’s been with someone that you know or used to know, then dating in Fiji should be a piece of cake. If you aren’t and you’ve managed to find someone who is not anybody else’s ex, you’re a lucky one, my friend.