Residents from Cunningham Old Road have raised concerns regarding groups of boys gambling, smoking marijuana, and influencing children to smoke with them on a daily basis.

While speaking to fijivillage News, a resident says groups of boys would come, sit beside their house, gamble, smoke marijuana, and influence young children to smoke with them including young girls.

The resident says when they try to stop them from doing such things, they are sworn at, and stones are thrown at their house and cars which makes their everyday living difficult.

He says this damages their cars and properties as well.

The residents further say that they have raised concerns with the police multiple times but no serious action has been taken.

They also say it is not safe for them to leave their houses empty or women of their families alone as they have shift work.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro says they have spoken to the complainant, and assured them that they are conducting mobile patrols.

We have also questioned if anyone has been arrested or taken in for questioning so far.

They are yet to respond.