The twins of Scierra Blair and José Ervin, a couple from Ohio, also share the same birthday on August 18!


José Ervin III and Ar’ria Lannette Ervin, the fraternal twins, arrived at Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital immediately after the stroke of midnight at 12:35 and 12:36, respectively.


The Cleveland couple had no idea they would be celebrating their shared birthday in this manner at this time last year. They had not even yet interacted.


In 2022, a few days after Blair turned 31 and Ervin turned 30, the two began dating.


The pair had spoken about going to the aquarium, watching a Browns or Indians game, or just spending time together for brunch or supper as possible ways to commemorate their first shared birthday.


They didn’t anticipate finding themselves in a maternity ward.


In any event, they anticipate celebrating a lot more birthdays together in the future.