It’s a daunting fact that Christmas is less than a week away, but what does that mean for you? Do you have anything planned for Christmas that won’t put a permanent hole in your wallet?

There’s something about us Fijians and last-minute shopping, so I would bet all the money in the world that most of us are running around right now, or will be running around tomorrow and Friday, for their Christmas shopping.

It’s nothing new and it’s definitely nothing that’s going to go away anytime soon, but hey if it works then why fix it, right?

Something that I know for sure that could help you this Christmas is thinking of gifts that you can make yourself at home, which I’ve found means so much more to the receiver compared to a gift that you get for them from a shop.

But what about the gang planning to go to a hotel or to the village for Christmas?

If you have any plans on going somewhere for the holidays, please make sure you stay safe and keep your loved ones close by to you.

Watch this space for more updates on what you can do for you and your family this festive season.