There may be times when an individual may get into a heated discussion with another. In this modern era, where social media has become a significant part of one’s daily routine, that seems to be the norm. Now people may handle it in different ways with some resorting to social to vent out about the issue.


Whatever way it may be handled, violence is never the answer to it and is something that shouldn’t be boasted about.


Boasting about being violent online is generally not a good idea for several reasons:


  1. It can escalate conflict: When you boast about fighting online, it can provoke others and escalate the conflict further. This can lead to a cycle of negativity and potentially harmful interactions.
  2. Legal and safety concerns: Engaging in physical altercations, whether online or offline, can have legal consequences. Additionally, it’s important to consider the safety implications, as confrontations can quickly spiral out of control.
  3. Negative social perception: Boasting about fighting can paint you in a negative light socially. It may make others view you as aggressive, immature, or confrontational, which can harm your relationships and reputation.
  4. Lack of resolution: Fighting online rarely leads to productive outcomes. Instead of resolving conflicts constructively, it often fuels resentment and perpetuates the problem.

In summary, boasting about fighting online is unwise because it can escalate conflict, have legal and safety repercussions, damage your social standing, and fail to resolve underlying issues. It’s generally better to seek peaceful resolutions and constructive communication.

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