Childhood fans of the popular cartoon have responded with outrage after finding out that Bob no longer looks like the portly, middle-aged handyman they grew up with

Bob the Builder used to look very different…

Fans who have been part of the movement in the early days have been left feeling a bit yuck about the new design, I mean this cartoon handyman has been on our screens for over 30 years – but he’s changed a lot in the last few years.

Debuting in 1988, Bob has been a central figure in children’s television ever since, forming countless kids’ toys, a TV series, books and even a number one music single.

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But after seeing what the kids’ favourite builder looks like now thanks to a viral post on Twitter, the majority of diehard fans seem to agree – if it ain’t broke, don’t.

The Bob of 2022 is a lot taller, slimmer and younger-looking than the one 90s and 00s kids came to love – and he’s ditched his old denim dungarees too.


The friendly contractor still dons a yellow and orange checked shirt and yellow helmet, but has upgraded to more fashionable jeans, a sleeveless high-vis jacket and a sports watch.

Bob the Builder Returns, Refreshed and Ready to Fix It - the Roarbots

As you can see not everyone was keen on the changes and has proved too much to bear for many who grew up with the old Bob, with comments describing the updated look as a “travesty” and even a “living nightmare”.

Sharing before and after pictures of the character on Twitter, an account called No Context Brits wrote:

“Look how they massacred my boy.”

This was met with hundreds of retweets and replies from outraged former viewers, many joking that their childhoods had been ruined.

One fan described the revamp as one of the “top 10 biggest downgrades in TV history”, while someone else commented:

“I’m going to be sick.”

Another person wrote:

“Things like this keep me awake at night.”

Another said bluntly:

“Can they fix it? No, they broke it instead.”

More Tweets and comments look like

“Why does he look 12?”

“He is a successfully self-employed builder – he’s got his life together he should look at least 35 like he used to.”

Even the original designer of Bob the Builder, Curtis Jobling, responded to the outcry, tweeting:

“*raises hand* Designer of the original Bob here. Appreciating the love.”

What former fans might not realise is that Bob’s new look isn’t actually that new – he’s looked this way for seven years.

In October 2014, Bob the Builder was revamped by Mattel for a new series to be aired the following year.

After modernising Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam, the toymakers turned their attention to the fixer of all, Bob.

Not too sure if this is an upgrade or a nightmare


Source: dailymail