You already know what this is about just from the header lmao

But seriously though like what in the actual heck was that???




It’s been 5 years since I’ve had another newborn so I was not ready for the drastic change in prices when I went shopping for the first time for my daughter who was the reason I was on maternity leave.

One thing I absolutely love about the Fijian culture is the i roqoroqo which is a traditional visitation of a newborn baby where you exchange gifts for a chance to hold the baby. I love it because the amount of roqoroqo gifts we’ve received has cut down our shopping list a tad bit which is a great help, but omg!



You’d think that just because they’ll be living off of breastmilk for the first few months that they’d go easy on your pockets, but let me tell you something – the hole in your pocket just get bigger as the baby grows LMAAAOOOO

I still remember my husband’s reaction the first time he laid his eyes on the price of S26. I think he cried more then than when he saw our baby for the first time! Don’t get me started on when he saw the price of newborn diapers lol



All in all, having a baby around the house again has been such an exciting experience, especially after being 5 years out of practice and I’m sure every parent I know would agree with me that they’d do this all over again if it meant their babies get to be babies again even if it’s for a short while.