The search has begun for the infamous Blue Java Banana!! I asked everyone I know whether such a banana exists but their answers have pushed me over a cliff of confusion. I’ve been on the earth for over two decades and this piece of information doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t believe me check out the tweet.

After seeing this Tweet the level of disbelief and confusion rose to 100%. Not only is this fruit blue, but it also tastes like Ice Cream…Vanilla ice cream. According to experts, it is primarily grown in Southeast Asia and is very much popular in Hawaii and is called ‘Ice Cream banana’. ¬†According to the Times of India,

“In Fiji, they are known as ‘Hawaiian Banana’ and in Philippines, they are called ‘Krie’ and in Central America, they are popular as ‘Cenizo’.”

If we have a name for it ….. this leads me to believe that this particular fruit is somewhere in our paradise home of Fiji, and I am determined to find it at whatever cost. Hopefully, this whole ‘Blue Banana’ thing is not a Hoax.

If you have any information let me know in the comment section.