Did you know that where you have acne tells you more about yourself than you think!

Acne Face Map : What your breaktouts are telling you?

According to dermatologists, the location of your acne can actually tell you why you have acne.

Acne on the forehead/ hairline:

It means that you’re super stressed out. It might also mean that you have too much sugar in your diet, which causes indigestion.

Acne on the nose:

It means that you eat too much red meat or spicy foods.

Acne around the chin/jawline:

It actually means that you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not drinking enough water and you’re not eating enough green vegetables.

Acne on the cheeks:

Could be from your phone, because it’s said that phones are one of the dirtiest things a person could own….or maybe it’s just time to change yah pillowcases you’ve been using for almost a year now bruv.


Hope this helped hihi xx