Timezone Motion Entertainment has suffered a great injustice.

The company took to social media to try to identify the person who took it, posting a photo of a man walking off with the toy from the Pokemon franchise.

This is by far the weirdest crime and it was in broad daylight mind you. There are so many questions that are left unanswered, what would push a person to steal a doll and what will they use it for?

The Rotorua business wants the large Pikachu soft toy back!!

They wrote

“If this is you, please return our Pikachu!”

Plea for return of Pikachu taken from Rotorua business
The man of the hour

“He was waiting to be chosen by a loving person that had worked hard, having fun, earning and saving their tickets to deservingly take him home.”

Pokemon Pikachu GIF - Pokemon Pikachu Crying - Discover & Share GIFs
Pikachu is sad!!

“If you know who this is or have since seen, please message us or walk him back through the Motion Entertainment doors, they are open til 10pm.”

The Pikachu has yet to be returned.

(Source: 1News)