Doodling in class appears to be a rite of passage when it comes to passing the time in a boring classroom or whenever you want to pass the time. Many of our scribbles of those graffiti ‘universal s’ symbols or, more typically, highly elaborate rubbish drawings. However, it ended up winning a boy a massive deal with Nike for a digital campaign to encourage children’s creativity.

Joe Whale, 13, also known as ‘Doodle Boy’ on social media, was frequently chastised in school for doodling, but it appears he’s been able to turn his pen obsession into a full-time profession.

Joe garnered popularity for his illustrations after getting scolded regularly in class for his free-hand artwork. He now has over 166k followers on Instagram. In an unusual turn of events, Joe, who is from Shrewsbury, went on to work with one of the world’s largest sportswear businesses.

Loveblood Creative, his agency, confirmed the collaboration in a written statement made last year. “We are thrilled to announce that Joe has joined the Nike family,” it said. “It is a unique relationship that puts Joe’s talent and love of sport together to inspire others to have fun and do what they love.”