Everyone has done something illegal once in their life. If you’re thinking to yourself that you’ve never done a bad deed……here’s a couple of things you didn’t know was actually against the law. (well kinda)

Eating items at the supermarket before paying.

This is one of those laws which is kind of a grey area but to be technical the shop still owns the items until you purchase them at the counter or cashier. If your a regular to your supermarket this isn’t that bad…..just remember to pay.
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Finding money in a public place

This whole finders keeper business doesn’t count when you find money in a public place. What you need to do is try and locate the owner or give the money to the Police. If you’ve ever gone the extra mile to return anybody’s money, you are a cut above the rest and I bless you with more money.

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 Using a fake account on Social Media

Having a fake account is against the law whether it was created one to spy on your partner or to reply to the hater on your friend’s account. With an increase in trolls on the internet, you might be wondering who monitoring….. a good question I don’t know either, in many countries this offence will result in a year in jail.

Well, those were just a couple of things that we’ve listed but there is more and I will dig them up for part 2.