Pokemon are some of the cutest and coolest characters to ever exist. It is quite weird to see that someone would ever want to serve them up as a dinner menu.

A YouTube chef has revealed how he would like to cook and serve Pokémon. Josh Scherer is the man to thank for such a thought-provoking piece – he’s a YouTuber behind the account Mythical Kitchen, which has two nearly million subscribers.

Scherer posted the viral ‘short’ vid, around four months ago, describing the ‘Top 5 Pokemon We Want To Eat‘.

So which Pokémon made the cut?

Bellsprout - Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Wiki Guide - IGN

5) Bellsprout

He explains: “Bellsprout is essentially a squash blossom – I’d like to stuff his mouth with ricotta cheese and parmesan, dip him in a thin, lacey batter, fry him and serve him on a bed of confit cherry tomatoes.”

Exeggcute - Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Wiki Guide - IGN

4) Exeggcute

“Exeggcute is mostly just eggs but a little bit mean,” the YouTuber says. “I’d like to make a mean mug and egg frittata, maybe cut it with some Miltank cream, some lardon and Gruyère and make a quiche lor-Exeggcute.”

Pokemon 108 Lickitung Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats

3) Lickitung

Josh says

“Reckon I can make 80 to 90 lengua asada tacos out of that big old pink dinosaur right there.

“A little but of chili de arbor, lime, onion, cilantro, and that’s a good afternoon.”

If you’re tempted to stop reading now, I would suggest waiting to see what the top two are – I mean, you’ve already made it this far.

Farfetch'd - Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Wiki Guide - IGN

2) Farfetch’d

The YouTuber claims: “As far as I know, Farfetch’d is the only Pokémon in the Poké-verse to come with its own aromatics.

“If you found another little bird monster that has some ginger and star anise, you could make a lovely Thai duck soup.

Pokemon Go: What is Snorlax's Weakness | The Nerd Stash

1) Snorlax

“And finally, the number one Pokémon I’d like to eat is called Snorlax.

“Snorlax just chills, eats and sleeps all day- I’d like to take its fatty tenderloin, roast it over binchotan charcoal and dip that in sesame oil.”

Someone commented

 “Slightly traumatized but intrigued by the recipes.”


Someone else pointed out: “The lack of seafood pokemon on this list makes me upset.”

Another commented:

“This is deranged and fantastic especially the farfetch’d take thank you.”

We’re glad that Pikachu wasn’t in the top five…because that would have been weird.

That’s enough internet for today… although I hate myself for finding it slightly intriguing which Pokémon he sees as being the most appetising.


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