While taking steps towards saving their island from the effects of climate change, the youths of Yanuca village on the island of Moturiki in Lomaiviti have started their project of planting mangrove seedlings to save their village.

More than 50 mangrove seedlings were planted by the youths of Yanuca over the last few days as they aim to take action against climate change on their island before it is too late.

Yanuca Youth Club President, Asiki Nasawaqa says after noticing the effects of climate change on their island, he gathered their youth and told them that no one would step in to help their village, it’s up to them to stand and find a solution.

Nasawaqa says after their first meeting, they went to a mangrove that is located across their island and managed to get some seedlings to plant on their foreshore. He says planting of these mangrove seedlings will mitigate the impact of climate change in their village.

He adds their youth project will also promote the protection of their marine life and encourage the sustainable use of their marine resources for future generations.

The youth president is pleading with the government and NGOs to provide some assistance to build a seawall to protect their village.


SOURCE: fijivillage