🚨There are BIG spoilers ahead for Disney’s Encanto!🚨


1. The first great Encanto Easter egg is actually from the movie’s poster, where you can see Bruno hiding in the background.

Bruno holding a rat in his hand in the background behind Maribel on the left


2.”The Family Madrigal” is inspired by “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. Both songs introduce the audience to the characters and town.

Maribel singing to the children and Belle reading a book as she walks through town


3. During Dolores’s verse in “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” you can actually see Bruno (or Camilo shape-shifting, who knows) sneaking around on the second floor behind Dolores and Mirabel.



4. A heartbreaking detail, but according to director Jared Bush, when Abuelo Pedro crosses the river, he is the exact same age as Sebastián Yatra was when he recorded “Dos Oruguitas,” aka the scene at the river.


These are just some of the easter eggs that I found after watching “Encanto” 7 times in one night; don’t get me started on the free Spanish lessons, lol.