A strange phone attachment called Remote Kiss claims to let users experience the closeness of kissing even when they are hundreds of kilometres apart. It recently made its debut on the Chinese market.

Remote Kiss uses pressure sensors, actuators, and soft silicone to replicate the user’s kisses anywhere in the world, provided the recipient also has a Remote Kiss and an internet connection. It is marketed as a solution to enable long-distance couples to enjoy physical intimacy. Other publications claim that the strange device can even detect and duplicate a user’s lips’ warmth as well as the sounds of a kiss. Long available on the Chinese internet market Taobao, Remote Kiss just lately gained popularity as a result of users sharing their images.

Only when attached to a phone’s charging connector does Remote Kiss behave like an oddly shaped smartphone dock? It comes with companion software that permits the pairing of two distinct devices while also soliciting agreement from both users.

Global Times claims that Jiang Zhongli, a graduate of the Changzhou Vocational School of Mechatronic Technology, is the genuine developer of this strange contraption. He developed it as a university experiment a few years ago and submitted a patent application in 2019, but that patent lapsed this year, prompting the appearance of commercial replicas online. Zhongli expressed astonishment at how well-received his concept had done and expressed the wish that others would improve on it.

The inspiration for this device, according to Jiang Zhongli, came from his long-distance relationship with his partner while he was attending university.

The idea of a “physical interface permitting kiss communication” is not new; in fact, we have previously written on two separate such accessories, both referred to as “Kissengers.” Yet, Remote Kiss stands out and is more contentious due to a few cutting-edge capabilities. Users of the app’s “kissing square” feature can give and receive kisses from total strangers, and they can even publish their kisses for the enjoyment of others.

Before you ask, no, Remote Kiss does not include a silicone tongue, although we have no doubt that someone will find a method to meet that requirement as well. It is presently available on Taobao for 288 Yuan (US$41).