After coming up with the “disgusting” concept, the aspiring groom, who chose to remain unknown, had onlookers wondering who would accept his proposal.

The process of making the one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery was shown in a YouTube video by the Japanese user “Kiwami Japan” titled “Engagement ring fashioned from human nails.”

He claimed that he had collected and stored his fingernail clippings for a full year before blending and grinding them into a fine powder.
This was then combined with water in a pan, crushed, and any extra liquid squeezed out once more.

After the powder was compacted within a bolt and baked for 90 minutes, a clay-like substance was created that was then squeezed into a diamond mould.

When the footage was later uploaded on Twitter, people’s jaws dropped when they witnessed the dull black gem being put to a bracelet.
“Looking for an affordable engagement ring? To create a “diamond,” this Japanese man kept his fingernail clippings for a full year “When they shared a clip, The South China Morning Post wrote about it.

In addition to receiving more than 170 shares and more than 280 comments, their post has been watched more than 200,000 times.
One commenter said: “I started to retch when he was tightening the bolt and the fingernail fluid squirted out.”

I hope he cleaned out the grinder before using it again for his coffee beans, said one person.

A third person said, “He’s utilizing kitchen tools for various phases of this. I want to vomit because of it. I would never accept this man’s offer to supper.

A fourth person then said, “Humanity was a mistake.”

Another flinched and said, “That’s just downright disgusting.”

Sixth person: “I think I’m not the only one feeling disgusted,” they said.