It was a hive of activity at Yat-Sen today as students, parents, teachers, former scholars and their families came together for their Annual Fun Day.

It is a fundraiser organised by the Yat-Sen Parents/Teachers and Friends Association and Alumni to help with capital projects in the school says Vice President of the Namking House, William Tabuya adding they have been preparing over the last 6 months for this.

Tabuya says this is the final fundraiser for the year and while it may look like normal selling, it is very competitive behind the scenes.

He further says they have targets to meet and that is why they are all there because at the end of the day it is for the school and for their children.

Chunking House rep, Margaret Leung says this is an opportunity for families to come together and have a fun day with their kids.

Leung further says it is also an opportunity to share some lovely food and have fun.

She says Chunking House has been winning the competition for some time now and hopes that they win again this year.


SOURCE: fijivillage