Lets face it, most of aren’t really comfortable when it comes to talking about coffins, right?

Well let me tell you, the WORLD’S FIRST living coffin is actually one of todays hot topics, and people are startled by it.

A Dutch start-up business declared earlier this year that it was now offering biodegradable coffins, which would take effect in 45 days.

After starting its business in 2020, Loop Biotech has already grabbed media attention in a short period of time.

They ship to those who might wish to invest in both the US and Europe, and they also make urn models in addition to coffins.

So, what is the ‘world’s first living coffin’ made out of?

Well, MUSHROOM out of all things!

While you are used to having it in a variety of dishes including a salad, you don’t expect to be buried in a coffin made by the fungus.

The concept originated when Loop Biotech’s co-founders observed how mushrooms might revive fallen, dead trees.

So, with that in mind, they produced a coffin that allows human remains to become food sources for the earth.

Many Redditors have since flocked the media of post to provide their thoughts. One of them said:

“This is how I want my body buried. How cool would it be to have graveyards that are just lush forests full of trees! Instead of leaving flowers at a gravestone, you can plant flowers around the tree that grew from your loved one’s remains,” one person penned.

While a second added: “Not sure why natural burial/decomposition isn’t utilized by more of the population.”