This year’s Christmas bonus arrived a little early when a rich CEO covered 1,200 staff’ Disneyland tickets.

Founder of Citadel Securities, a market maker, and CEO of global hedge fund Citadel LLC, Ken Griffin, honoured employees from six Asia Pacific locations, including those in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong.

To commemorate the companies’ 20th and 30th anniversaries, the staff members travelled to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea accompanied by their spouses and kids.

Mr. Griffin kindly paid for all of the costs, which included daycare, entertainment, and transport.

300 kids reportedly went on the vacation as well, according to Bloomberg.

If that wasn’t enough, every employee received an upgrade to a queue jump pass, which eliminates the need to wait in line for rides.

In case you were unaware, the cost of a single day’s pass to the park ranges from $118.20 FJD to $163.08 FJD per person. This means that for 1,200 adults, the total cost for a single day would be $224,075.00 FJD.

Additionally, the CEO included a private performance by Maroon 5 and DJ Calvin Harris, which would make other employers uncomfortable.

Now all I need to know is what qualifications do I need to get hired by this company.