The future is here; let’s say it is not the brightest.

One can say that finding a companion to go through life with is a very important, this is a person who you will share your time, energy and resources on.

Alicia Framis is an artist who has said she will become the first person to marry an AI-powered hologram.

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With AI becoming increasingly sophisticated, the question inevitably arises at what point it will be capable of providing genuine companionship. This raises a whole heap of questions about the nature of consciousness and humanity, and these are questions central to the work of Spanish artist, Alicia Framis.

Alicia future partner is called AiLex, cool name for guy you can literally program……or something like that.

This wedding isn’t Alicia’s first foray into using her performance art to explore questions around companionship. She previously lived with a mannequin called Pierre as a way to explore love and companionship, but the latest piece takes things in a more futuristic direction.

In one post about the relationship, she wrote:

“It’s a romantic relationship between a woman and artificial intelligence.

“We know that soon robots and humans will be sexual partners, but for me, the next important step is emotionally involving artificial intelligence with humans.”

There are catches to the content of course. Hologram technology does exist, but it is extremely expensive and impractical. We’re not quite at the stage of Blade Runner 2049, with a ceiling-mounted hologram projecting your hologram partner around your tiny dystopian apartment, so you could say we’re halfway there.

Source: Unilad

It’s not clear exactly how AI has been factored into the piece at the moment, it could be that the hologram’s responses are generated by AI. The performance series is set to involve wedding ceremonies, with the artist saying that the wedding will take place at the Depot Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam.

Though she has also said it could go to other ‘venues’ hinting that it could go on tour. She has also shown a new brass name plate in a post to Instagram, which has both her name and that of AiLex engraved on it.

Alicia had a brass plaque made with both of their names engraved.
Source: Unilad

Framis is not the first artist to use marriage as a central theme in a performance. But hopefully she will be the most creative.


Source: Unilad