What happens when you die? It’s an age-old question I think about on an all-too-regular basis if I’m totally honest, and no one really knows the answer. Or do they?


Well, there are a few people out there who perhaps have a better understanding of the afterlife than most of us, because they’ve experienced it.

Those stories of people who have died on the operating table only to jolt back to life and describe stranger visions they saw

Tina Hines is one of those people.

She had suffered a cardiac arrest back in February 2018, and despite her husbands, Brian, best efforts to resuscitate her, she passed on.

On their way to the hospital, Tina was revived 6 times by medics, effectively dying for 27 minutes in total. However, after being intubated at the hospital, she eventually awoke, immediately asking for a pen and paper to write down a message for her family.

In scribbled handwriting,  Tina wrote the words ‘it’s real’. When she was asked what was real, she simply nodded upwards.

We all know what that is right? HEAVEN!