After not finding the appropriate partner, a woman who had been saving for her ideal wedding for 20 years decided to throw her own big day.

Sarah Wilkinson, 42, made the decision to get married at Harvest House in Felixstowe, Suffolk, under the direction of her celebrant friend.


The credit controller explained that after treating herself to an engagement ring, the occasion was a logical next step.


“It was a lovely day for me to be the centre of attention,” she stated.


“I had my wedding day, even though the ceremony wasn’t a formal wedding.


“I think there comes a time when you say to yourself, ‘I might not have this with a partner by my side, but why should I miss out?'”


The local resident, Ms. Wilkinson, said that after setting aside money every month and adding whatever additional income she received—such as winnings at bingo—she lavished £10,000 ($27,725.75 FJD) on the celebration.


Forty of the bride’s closest friends and family members attended the ceremony on September 30. An additional forty individuals attended the evening reception at the tennis club across the street.


Even though her wedding day was ideal, Ms. Wilkinson stated she had not ruled out meeting potential grooms in the future.