A woman who patiently cared for her husband as he recovered from a brain injury has filed for divorce and given him back to his mother after learning that he had cheated on her once more.
When Kate Sifuentes’s husband was involved in a horrible accident in January 2022, his wife and the mother of their two children sat by his hospital bed sobbing hysterically because she believed she was to blame.

The 24-year-old claimed that she believed he had caused the collision by trying to react to her text messages while operating the vehicle.

She then started looking through his texts, and presto! He was secretly seeing other women, as evidenced by a deluge of texts, dating app profiles, and social media direct messages. She didn’t pay attention to any of that and took care of him until he recovered his health and was able to walk, talk, and even use a phone before realizing he was utilizing his newly found motor abilities to cheat on her once more.

The tiny brunette also revealed that her husband frequently travelled for work and that she started to worry for his safety when he didn’t return her calls on that fateful day in January. Eventually, a highway patrolman contacted them to let her know about the collision.

She witnessed a conversation with another woman on a different Snapchat account using a different name as she examined her husband’s phone.
When she faced her husband, he acknowledged having extramarital affairs, expressed regret, and demanded her return.

In the end, her spouse was discharged from the hospital and given long-term care in an intensive treatment rehabilitation facility.
She admitted that for a few months, up until his mother was ready to move out and move in with him in a different apartment, she had permitted the cheater to return to their house.

A woman in her early 20s said earlier in January that she wants to end her marriage but has nowhere else to go. In secondary school, the orphan who wed a 38-year-old guy revealed that she learned he already had a wife. According to the young mother with children, her spouse made a pledge to tutor her in school but never followed through.