Over 300 kidney stones removed from 20-year-old woman in Tainan | Taiwan  News | 2023-12-10 20:31:00
[Pic Source: Taiwan News]
Whenever I get a headache or stomach ache that lasts the whole day, I get told to go to the doctor. NGL I used to find it weird until I had appendicitis.

Well, something like that happened to a  20-year-old woman from Taiwan who recently underwent surgery to have no less than 300 small stones removed from her right kidney.


Well, that’s reality!

The 20-year-old young woman, identified as Xiao Yu by Taiwanese media, was admitted to a hospital in the city of Tainan earlier this month, after complaining of severe pain in her lower back.

She got herself to the hospital and was diagnosed with a fever and a blood test showed an unusually high white blood cell count.

The doctors ordered a CT scan which showed that Yu’s right kidney was full of fluid and virtually full of kidney stones. The first order of business was to put the young woman on antibiotics, then drain the fluid from her kidney, and finally perform minimally invasive surgery to remove the hundreds of stones.

This should be an awakening for us…… whatever pain u might be experiencing physically….. go get checked by a DOC!!