Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of making up excuses or calling in sick to work while in perfect condition. It’s completely human and the natural thing to do, especially on Mondays.

However, that’s not as bad as the excuse Robin Folsom made to her employer. She came up with the narrative that she was with child and required time off from work under maternity leave.  This would ensure that she got paid at the same time.

Folsom’s co-workers grew suspicious when they noticed the inconsistency in her bump and how it appeared to be slightly detached from her lower body.

In addition, she would send pictures of her alleged children, doing regular activities, to her workmates. There was also inconsistency in this as they noticed a variation in the skin tones of the children.

Her employer eventually caught on to her lies and reported her to the local authorities who then dealt with her accordingly. She was taken in for questioning where she eventually confessed to fabricating the entire saga.

To add on, Folsom was also taken to an OIG for a review. The results confirmed that she did in fact not deliver a child nor was she ever pregnant.

Robin Folsom now faces counts of fraud, undeserved compensation and identity theft. I found guilty she could face up to 25 years imprisonment and $103,000 in fines.