The mother from New York asked that the woman return the kidney after she was fired for saving her boss’s life through kidney donation.


Debbie Stevens, 47, cried out, “You hate me so much, and I’m so despicable—give me my kidney back!” from Long Island.


It would be difficult for Stevens to recover her organ, requiring at least four procedures.


Since Stevens and Brucia were not a good fit, Stevens gave her kidney to the national pool. That improved Brucia’s chances of receiving a transplant as soon as possible.


In reality, a patient in St. Louis received Stevens’ kidney transplant, while Brucia’s kidney originated in San Francisco.


Stevens filed a complaint with the state Human Rights Commission on Friday. The lawsuit states that Brucia started harassing Stevens soon after she gave a kidney in the fall of 2010 and eventually assisted in her termination in April of the same year.
In 2009, the two became friends after working together at the dealership in the past. After Stevens’ 2010 return from Florida, Brucia brought her back on board.


According to Stevens, her health insurance will soon expire, which will prevent her from being able to fund any additional medical and psychological costs associated with the transplant.