In 2007, an American woman admitted to being drawn to inanimate items. That year, in what was referred to as a commitment ceremony that took place in Paris, France, she had infamously “married” the Eiffel Tower.


Erika LaBrie, who is now 50 years old, however, has become tired of her romance with the Eiffel Tower and has developed feelings for a fence that she wants to get to know better. The woman describes herself as an “objectum sexual”, a term for someone who has a romantic or sexual attraction to inanimate objects.


In a recently trending TikTok video, LaBrie, an object sexuality proponent and competitive archer, was shown straddling a red fence while confessing her emotions for the chiselled structure. Fences are such hazardous objects for me since their geometry is so ideal, claims LaBrie. She continues, “I’m obviously attracted to this fence physically, and I want to know this fence more.


In the trending TikTok video, she talks about what draws her to the barrier as she gets a sense of it.