The suspiciously spooky “things that go bump in the night” are something that almost everyone has heard of. That “thing” was her ex-boyfriend, whom a South Carolina woman discovered residing in her attic more than 12 years after their breakup.

Tracy [last name withheld], a single mother of five who lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina, claims that on Saturday she heard a bang from above and saw nails begin to protrude from the ceiling of her bedroom.

2:30 a.m. or so “Something just ain’t right,” thought Tracy “To the Charlotte Observer, she spoke. She believed “there was some poltergeist thing going on” when she heard noises coming from the attic and noticed nails poking out.”

The devil wasn’t dancing on the ceiling. According to WCNC, her ex-boyfriend had been residing in her attic for roughly two weeks following his release from prison.

More than 12 years prior, the two split up. Despite his claims that he had changed in letters he sent from prison, she never gave the idea of reconciling with him any thought. After his most recent imprisonment, she believed he had left for Charlotte.

He was discovered dozing off at the rear of the attic by her adult sons and her nephew. “They found a man. He was sleeping inside the heating unit and had stuffed it full of old coats and jackets “Tracy informed WCNC that her ex-boyfriend fled the property before the cops arrived by going downstairs.

According to Local 8, they discovered numerous “Route 44” Sonic cups that were faeces and urine-filled. They also noticed that the ex-boyfriend had modified the ceiling vents so he could sit in the attic and watch Tracy in her bedroom.

According to Local 8, the only way to get to the attic is through a door inside the house, in the corridor that joins her kids’ beds.

Tracy reportedly told the Charlotte Observer, “I’m stunned.” How is it possible to see someone through an air vent?

Things are still uncertain and information regarding his whereabouts is yet to be released.