One woman has left people completely divided after explaining why she doesn’t wash her hands after peeing.

In a very frank confession, the woman ‘exposes herself’ and let the internet know that she misses out on one very crucial step after going to the bathroom.

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Instead of washing her hands, she has come up with a whole new strategy and it’s weirder than you think:

Sophia shared the toilet confessional to TikTok just a few days ago and she has since sparked a huge debate online about all things hygiene, cleanliness and – well – pee.

The woman didn’t caption the tell-all video but it’s clear her testimony was more than enough to send the internet into a spiral.

She began the video saying:

“I’m going to expose myself.”

And that she did.

Sophia continued:

“I feel like this is really weird that I do this. And I don’t know if other people do this.”

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She went on to reveal to her 40,000 followers that she doesn’t always wash her hands after she pees.

Now, you may be wondering what she does instead and, thankfully, Sophia was kind enough to provide a brief explanation of her bathroom etiquette and heads up – it’s pretty odd.

“I don’t always wash my hands after I pee, especially if I’m in my own house, right?

“I know how to pee in a way that doesn’t make a mess on myself,” she confirmed, before briefly giving herself the ick and saying ‘ew’.

Sophia carried on:

“But anyway, I do this thing where if I have guests over and I go to pee, I’ll turn my sink on and pretend to wash my hands and kill some time so that they think that I would have washed my hands.”

“But I haven’t,” she reveals, “so I actually go through the process of actually wasting both water and time just to kind of keep up with a lie that actually doesn’t matter.

“Anyway, anyone else do that?”

Sophia’s TikTok has since racked up nearly 700,000 views since it was posted just earlier this week and people clearly couldn’t wait to share their reactions to her exposé.

Some disgusted TikTok users couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the whole thing with one asking: “But you touch the toilet flusher and sink handles after taking a s*** so cross contamination?”

They make a good point.

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Another added:

“Why pretend to wash your hands when you could actually do it?”

Another user commented

“Just… wash your hands,”

Others, however, couldn’t have agreed more with Sophia and her oddly courageous candour.

“Haha don’t most of us secretly do this?” joked one TikTok user.

Another was overjoyed that they ‘found my people’.

“OH THANK GOD,” exclaimed a third. “I thought I was a lone sicko doing this exact thing.”

“I’ve never related to something more in my whole life,” wrote a final advocate of the no-hand-wash brigade.

Which side do you stand on?

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