A 23-year-old Pennsylvania woman allegedly faked her own abduction earlier this week in a far-fetched effort to hide the fact that she dropped out of college and wasn’t about to graduate.

The Penn State studentwas arrested on Tuesday evening after faking her own abduction which triggered a state-wide search for the allegedly missing 20-something.

Stein was last heard from on Monday evening (1 May), approximately 10:30 pm, when she was texting her boyfriend whilst driving home from work. She messaged to tell him that she was getting pulled over by a cop, state police explained in a conference.

Upon receiving the alarming message, her boyfriend then tried to contact Stein several times but was unable to reach her.

Pennsylvania State police later heard from the student’s family that her Volkswagen Beetle vehicle was found eerily abandoned. As soon as the car was discovered, Stein’s family reported a missing person declaration to the authorities which then sparked a huge search for her.

With this, thousands of dollars were spent on trying to find the girl. However, they were tipped on Tuesday evening that the said said ‘missing’ woman was actually safe and sound at a home in Jeannette, just 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Police later found her, and took her in for questioning where she said that she was pulled over and abducted ‘by an unknown male who posed as a police officer’. She also alleged that the man had a firearm and that he blindfolded her before taking her to various locations in the surrounding area.

The police grew suspicious and her lies eventually caught up with her. She did in fact, fake her own abduction to cover up her dropping out of college!

Miss Ma’am really took the phrase ‘college drop-out’ to a WHOLE new level.