After forbidding her sister from participating in her bridal party due to her attractiveness, a woman experienced severe criticism from her family. The upcoming bride claims she didn’t want to “outshine” anyone on her wedding day, but her choice has generated a lot of heated debate.

The lady has always envied her sister, whom she considers to be quite attractive; yet, the woman served as her sister’s maid of honour on the big day.
The bride, however, does not want to be compared to her sister on her special day because she is about to get married.

She explained on Reddit that although her sister was furious over being excluded, the rest of the family also concurred that it was a terrible decision.

The author of the message, who wished to remain anonymous, stated: “I carefully considered it and chose not to include her in my bridal party. I merely desired a day when we weren’t being contrasted while standing side by side.

“On my special day, I wanted to be the attractive person seated at the altar. The idea of everyone staring at her at my wedding shattered my heart, but I’ve mostly overcome my jealousy of her and embraced myself for how I look and who I am.

The woman added that she has been receiving counselling for her self-image problems for many years in an update to the post, although she acknowledged that not all of her insecurities had vanished.

She tries her best to deal with the fact that her jaw didn’t grow properly due to a facial abnormality she had at birth.

The woman wrote: “I didn’t want her to hear through social media that she wasn’t only my maid of honour, but not in my bridal party at all. Yet her sister was still incredibly furious with her absence. She began to cry as I went over to tell her and give my justification.

She didn’t yell at me, but she did say that it was very hurtful of me to leave her out because of how she looked. I get what she’s saying.

Since the bombshell, her sister has been giving her the silent treatment, and her parents agree that it was not the right thing to do.

She has already apologized to her sister for allowing her fears to get in the way of things and the happy couple has decided they will not have a bridal party or groomsmen.

Several people have responded by siding with the sister and believing the bride behaved unreasonably towards her.