Will Smith is happy to be just another fan in a sea of ’em at Coachella, having a damn good time cheering his 2 youngest kids (Willow and Jaden) who were performing at the festival.

Will proudly showed off his view of the stage Sunday … he was smack in the middle of the packed crowd there to see the dynamic Smith duo inside the Mojave Tent.


Will Smith Supports Kids Willow and Jaden at Coachella, Standing Among Fans


He was grinning from ear to ear as 22-year-old Willow performed her solo set, and her 24-year-old brother joined her onstage.

It was a really cute moment for the siblings, who had a huge embrace before rocking out together. Jaden even rocked a “Willow’s brother” shirt underneath his leather jacket.

Imagine being a Dad of two amazing kids that rock the stage… It may just be me but I thought it was quite awesome of Will Smith to try and get the full experience without any special treatment


[source: TMZ]