In the past couple of weeks, videos and photos of violence in our streets were being sent around on social media.

I’m not sure what the intent was behind it, but I’m hoping it was to raise awareness of the kinds of things that our sons and brothers are privy to in the real world.

As much as we talk about it and condemn it, a part of us knows that violence in the streets is a tumour that will continue to grow in the future, but one way I feel will help with getting rid of it is if we just stop uploading fighting videos online.

Of course, sometimes those videos turn out to be helpful when it comes to catching suspects, but the rest of the time, people are just uploading them for clout.

First off, I’ve been alive long enough on Facebook to know that videos like that are NEVER received well by the general public. You will either get dragged, shamed or made fun of until you deactivate your own social media accounts.

Just recently, a video of that sort was uploaded and is currently the talk of the digital town.

I haven’t watched the video and I don’t think I’d like to, but from what I’ve gathered from the information that’s circling online, the situation seems very messy, immature, and uncalled for.

Secondly, if you’re the star of the video, I’m telling you now that it does not make you look good at all. In no way, shape, or form do you look tough and badass. The fact that you have to take several steps before choosing to upload a video shows that you still chose to upload the video after watching it and analyzing it yourself.

Third, and I feel like this is the most important one, let’s just stop being violent and let the proper authorities handle things that should be handled by them. Let’s stop taking the law into our hands thinking it’s ok to do.