On Friday, Megan Thee Stallion unleashed her scathing single “Hiss,” a snappy diss track that targets the doubters and detractors she’s faced throughout her career. On the song, she made lighthearted comparisons to Kris Jenner and Mariah Carey while seeming to make explicit allusions to Drake and her ex-boyfriend Tory Lanez.


But Nicki Minaj found her remarks hurtful. Since Friday, January 26, “Hiss” has risen to the top of the streaming charts, garnering over 5 million listens on Spotify. It has also caused a stir in the rap scene and sparked a social media backlash among Minaj’s followers, who allege Megan attacked her explicitly in the song.


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One of the most outspoken detractors of Megan’s song has been Nicki Minaj, who released her new album “Pink Friday 2” over two months ago. Minaj even recorded a response diss track called “Big Foot,” which has been climbing the streaming charts since it launched on Monday.


Megan Thee Stallion talks about a variety of difficulties she has encountered in the field. She also brought up criticism directed at her previous romance with musician Tory Lanez.


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Despite the fact that no names were stated in the song, Minaj appears to be mentioned in some of the lines of “Hiss.” Fans claim that one lyric, “These h—s don’t be mad at Megan, these h—s mad at Megan’s Law,” appears to be directed at Minaj’s family.


Minaj and many individuals on social media seemed to interpret the diss as targeting Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, who is a registered sex offender. Petty served four years in prison for attempted rape in 1995 and faced probation in 2022 for failing to register as a sex offender in California. Amidst the online speculation surrounding Megan’s lyrics, Minaj expressed her dissatisfaction with the song on X (formerly Twitter) and announced her subsequent release, “Big Foot,” which came out on Monday.


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The title of the new song seemed to allude to Megan’s height of 5-foot-10 and the incident where she was shot in the foot by Lanez. In the lyrics, Minaj alleges that Megan lied about the shooting involving Lanez and brings up the death of Megan’s mother, stating: “Swearin’ on your dead mother when you lie” and questioning, “F— you get shot with no scar?”


Megan has not directly responded to “Big Foot” yet, but she did share a photo on her Instagram Story on Friday, showing herself laughing after Minaj released a preview of the song before its official launch. Despite a request for comment, representatives for Minaj have not provided a response.