We’ve heard this term a lot and it is believed that it became famous on Tik Tok.

So you must be wondering what makes a girl a “girl’s girl”,

well the most important thing is that they value their female friendships over their male friendships.

Here is how you can tell that you are a girl’s girl.


  1. Girls who view other girls as allies instead of competition.
  2. Girls who don’t shy away from complimenting you even if you don’t know each other.
  3. Girls who fix your hair/makeup/outfit without making it too obvious.
  4. Girls who don’t “gatekeep” nice things they find.
  5. Girls who always offer to come to the bathroom with you.
  6. Girls who update you on what they’re going to wear before they leave to meet you.
  7. Girls who hold you accountable for your actions

These are just some of the many characteristics that make you a girl’s girl.

Are there any more that you can think of?