There isn’t a universally “right” age to get married, as it varies greatly from person to person based on individual circumstances, maturity level, emotional readiness, financial stability, and personal goals. Some people choose to get married in their early twenties, while others may wait until their thirties or even later.


Some may feel pressure to settle down as soon as they reach adulthood. Contributing factors to this could include fear, financial security or material prospects. Others may settle because they believe they have found ‘The One” and believe in true love.


Whatever the reason may be, no person should feel obligated to marry if they feel that they are not ready. Psychologists and relationship experts have suggested that the preferred age to marry is 28 – 32. Couples that got married within this age range have stayed together for longer as opposed to those that got married outside the age range.


It’s essential for individuals to ensure they’re ready for the commitment of marriage and have found a partner with whom they share mutual respect, love, and compatible life goals, regardless of their age. Ultimately, the decision to get married should be based on personal readiness and not solely on age.