3,156 athletes from 151 schools will take part in this year’s Coca-Cola Games.

Coca-Cola EuroPacific Marketing Manager Lawrence Tikaram says this will make it the biggest games ever.

He also says with the support of Damodar Group this year, there will also be movie passes and meal vouchers awarded to the winners of each event.

He also confirms that as of next year, there will be a level playing field as they are looking to use qualifying times for the Coca-Cola Games.

Tikaram has also encouraged all schools to allow their athletes to speak to the media as this will encourage character building.

He says rather than placing media bans, teachers should help groom the athletes for future national duties.

Tikaram further says the media plays an important part in the character building for these athletes and building their confidence in order to face the media in the future.

Grandstand tickets are sold out while the grass and embankment tickets are still available.

The Coca-Cola Games start at 8am today


[source: fijivillage]