We can all agree that we sometimes tend to switch accents without knowing, especially when it comes to having a talanoa with foreigners, expatriates or anyone who we think is here for a holiday.

Even though I’ve experienced it a few times with friends, family and even strangers whom I’ve met for the first time, my tavale really took the cake on this one.


So what was supposed to be a day out with my tavale turned out to be quite humorous, and yes he is one of those people who switch accents as if his life depended on it.

So after getting a few things from the market, he asked me if I wanted to go get lunch. Knowing the foodie that I am, how could I say no? Just then a guy in his mid-30s walked past us and my tavale couldn’t help but let out a “Buulah mate, welcome to Feijei.” If you’re reading it with an accent then that’s exactly how my tavale sounded like. Followed by a “How ya doin’ bruh?” Honestly, I just burst out laughing.

While I was making fun of his made-up accent, it kind of dawned on how I used to do the exact same thing, and I know all of you do too (not to throw anyone under the bus). So if you’re one who still switches accents while talking to foreigners, don’t stop. Keep it going cause I think that’s what really welcomes them to ‘Feijei’.